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Motivation and the Burning Ambition for Change

Recently I have been thinking about motivation for change and what drives people to either embrace or resist transformation at work. One of the most pervasive metaphors for change is the idea of the ‘burning platform.’ The metaphor originates in the true story of Andy Mochan, a worker on the Piper Alfa oil rig that exploded off the coast of Scotland in 1988. Faced with the possibility of being burned… Read Article →

The Truth About Generational Differences in the Workplace

I’ve always been a bit sceptical of reports of generational differences in the workplace, and how these inform some approaches to change, recruitment and selection, and diversity strategy. One difference I hear of quite regularly – albeit often through the mainstream press – is the idea that Generation Y is somehow ‘less committed’ to their work than older generations. A recent meta-analysis by David Costanza and colleagues on generational differences… Read Article →

How Situations Influence Personality

Note: This post was originally published as part of the Deloitte Australia Diversity and Inclusion monthly newsletter, and can be accessed here.  The English language is full of words describing personality, and though we might not always be aware of it, we use these regularly in our conversations to distinguish and describe the personal characteristics and behaviour of those around us. We might, for example, describe our energetic friend as… Read Article →