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Personality and Financial Risk Taking

In the wake of global financial scandals such as the manipulation of the Libor, the Lehman Brothers collapse, and the infamous ‘London Whale’, many financial services organisations are experiencing increased public and regulatory scrutiny on their risk management policies and practices. Often, this scrutiny is being directed at failures in organisational governance and culture that can lead to a tolerance for excessive risk-taking that is misaligned with the risk appetite of… Read Article →

Why It Pays to Be Attractive (and Other Cognitive Biases)

Although we’d like to think of ourselves as rational creatures, we are by no means as smart as we think we’d like to think we are – the human brain, though powerful, is flawed. To help us process information quickly, our brains take short-cuts. This is an adaptive outcome of evolution that helps us to make quick decisions in the face of danger, and may help overcome processing limitations in the brain. However, although… Read Article →