Monthly Archives: February 2014

Frame of Reference: Why Perspective Matters

An implicit assumption underlying the use of personality tests in organisations (and most surveys for that matter) is that individuals will respond to items as they see themselves generally in life, across all situations – in other words, that their frame of reference is the same. Questions in these types of tests are typically non-contextualised, for example asking respondents to rate how much they agree with the statement ‘I pay attention to details’ in… Read Article →

The Myth of Multitasking: It’s Not As Simple As We Think

The need to balance and prioritise multiple tasks on the fly is arguably one of the core competencies of the 21st century worker. Reading an email while talking to a colleague on the phone, finishing off a slide while attending a meeting – we have all experienced the competing demands vying for our attention in the modern workplace. Indeed, many of us would consider ourselves proficient multitaskers for simply managing to… Read Article →